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Commercial & Semi Truck Financing

Financing a commercial truck doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you need a semi truck, tow truck, or even a dump truck, we’ve got you covered.

Who Can Get Financed?

  • Start-up companies
  • Owner operators
  • Medium & large motor carriers
  • Commercial truck dealers
  • Private company fleets

… and many more. If you need to finance a commercial truck, we’ve probably helped someone in your exact situation before.

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Term lengths from 12-84 months are available

We can help borrows that have bad credit

Financing A Commercial Truck With Bad Credit

We understand that life happens and business conditions change. Poor personal or business credit, prior bankruptcies, or divorce don’t have to prevent you from getting approved for commercial truck financing.

We’ve helped Businesses and owner operators in all kinds of situations and we can probably help you too.

Semi truck financing - New or used doesn't matter.

Start-ups and Owner Operators Welcome

No need to be discouraged if you need a commercial vehicle for a start-up business, or if you’d like to give the owner operator business a try. We understand that new businesses need to start somewhere.

A lengthy business history or multiple years of tax returns may not be required to get financed.

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New or Used - It Doesn't Matter

Whether you’re looking for new, or used makes no difference. We help borrowers finance all kinds of commercial trucks. You might need a new Mack dump truck, or maybe you’ve got your eyes on a nice used Peterbilt 379.

Don’t let your lender decide what kind of vehicle you’re going to purchase for your business.

dump truck financing is possible if you are a new business

Various Term Lengths Available

The length of a loan is one of the largest factors that determines if your business will be able to sustain the payments. The difference between a 48 month and a 72 month loan can be hundreds or even thousands of dollars each month.

We’ll work with you to determine the best term length for your business.

Down Payments - Little or None Required

Large down payments can be difficult to stomach when shopping for a commercial vehicle. But there is some good news.

Many borrowers can qualify for financing with little money down, and some can even get a loan with no down payment required.

We’ll help you put as little down as possible.

What Our Clients Have to Say...

I was able to get financing charles was able to finance a used peterbilt truck

Charles Grant
- Owner Operator

When my drayage business picked up, Itim got a semi truck loan to buy two brand new day cab trucks

Tim Franks
- Drayage Carrier - 7 Truck Fleet

Business boomed and we needed to to hire new engineers to keep up with the increased demand. EquipMyFinance tremendously helped us get new capital.

Andrew Wiggins
LG Networks Inc

EquipMyFinance has been a tremendous partner for us in the invoice factoring industry. Glad we were able to help bring capital to this awesome company!

Julie Adam
American Receivable

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