91 Free Load Boards for Truckers

Using free load boards is a good way to find freight to haul when you’re just starting out. We all know how expensive it is to start and run a new trucking business, and finding direct shippers takes a lot of time and hard work. These free options give you a chance to quickly get the wheels turning so you can start making money.

There are a few popular free ones out there, but they are competitive and many of the loads overlap between them. Many more independent ones are out there that can help you find some quick freight. Most owner operators just don’t have the time to scour the internet looking for these, so that’s why we’ve compiled this list of 101+ free load boards for truckers.

Keep in mind that some may require you to register or otherwise get in contact with someone to gain access. So sit down and spend a day going through as many as you can. The extra work involved will be well worth it.

Admiral Merchants Motor Freight — This brokerage has a load board on their website that is updated daily. There is usually around 40 loads posted.

AIFP Lumber  AIFP Lumber is a company that lists their available freight online. You’ll need to register to gain access.

Allen Lund Company A large 3PL that has a private load board on their website. You can enter your DOT#, MC#, and email address to gain access to their free load board for 7 days. They don’t charge you after that period, but they’d like you to submit a completed carrier packet to retain access. Sign up for the trial and take a look around. If you see some loads that may interest you, complete the setup packet online so you’re ready to go.

American Lumber They are a large lumber distributor with multiple locations in Texas and the Southeast. They must ship a lot of freight because they have their own brokerage division with a private load board on their website. Contact them and let them know you want a login account to gain access.

Amex Hardwood  Canadian hardwood shipper that posts their loads on online. Register to gain access. A contact person is listed along with their phone number and email address.

Atlantic Logistics — Jacksonville, FL based 3PL that usually has at least 30+ good paying loads posted on their website. They have all types of freight in many locations, so this can be a good one for all types of carriers.

ATS Logistics Sureway — A large 3PL that frequently has over 1,000 loads posted on their website. They post detailed information which is helpful, and they have all types of freight including van, reefer, flatbed, and heavy haul. What’s most interesting is that they advertise payment in 3-5 days after hauling for them. A great choice for a cash-strapped trucker.

B&B Bedding — They ship mulch out of Oskaloosa, IA and have a free board on their website that anyone can view. All seem to be flatbed, and some require tarps.

BNSF Logistics — The brokerage division of Warren Buffet’s Burlington Northern Santa Fe Railroad. They have an interactive map on their website that shows their available inbound and outbound loads by State. You can also perform an advanced search by equipment type or date.

Botkin Lumber Co. — They are a large lumber distributor with locations in Missouri, Illinois, Oregon, and Georgia. You’ll need login credentials to view their available loads, but the shipping manager’s contact information is listed on their website.

Buchanan Hauling & Rigging — An asset based carrier that also has a large brokerage division. Their private board usually has 50+ loads posted by their agents.

Buckeye Pacific  A full-service lumber brokerage that has an email list for truckers. Scroll to the bottom of their homepage to opt-in.

Cardinal Transport  Trucking company with a brokerage division that posts everything they have on their website. Many flatbed loads here.

Carroll Fulmer Logistics — They have their own load board that regularly has many loads originating in the Northeast. Many high paying reefer loads from various places in Upstate New York to Florida.

Dart Advantage Logistics — The brokerage division of DART Transit Company has a nice load board on their website that is updated regularly. You can call or email the specific broker directly. They seem to have a lot of freight that is scheduled to ship many days or even weeks from the time of posting. This can be very useful to some.

DeBoer Transportation — Asset based carrier that brokers out some of their freight. At the time of posting, all of their available freight seems to be for dry van.

Direct Freight Services — You can sign up for a free load board account that will allow you to post your truck as well as some other useful things. Their paid plan is one of the more affordable choices out there at $35.95/mo and allows you to search for loads, view bond and authority, credit scores, and more. A 15 day trial is available for this paid plan.

EPES Logistics Services — They are a small freight brokerage that has a private load board on their website, but you’ll have to become an approved carrier for them to gain access.

Erwin Bros Trucking  They have around 100 loads posted with a good mix of dry van and flatbed.

Forest Commodities Boards Inc.  A mix of lumber loads available in the United States and Canada. You can view them, but will have to register to book one.

Fox Lumber — A lumber distributor that sends out their available loads by email. You’ll have to register on their website to get an account and a spot on the email list, but it doesn’t look like you’ll have to complete an entire setup packet to gain access.

FreightFinder.com — A free load board for truckers that appears a bit dated. They don’t seem to have very much freight posted, but it only takes a second to check and see.

Frey Farms Produce — Produce shipper that ships Watermelons, Cantaloupes, Sweet Corn, Hard Winter Squash, and Pumpkins. They have locations in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Indiana, and West Virginia. Their board is a bit light at the time of this posting, but it’s probably just the wrong season.

FST Logistics — An employee-owned carrier based in Ohio that brokers out some of their freight. A detailed load board on their website has many dry van and reefer loads posted.

Grassy Creek Lumber Wholesale lumber distributor with a load board on their website. They advertise 15 day payment. You’ll need to register to gain access, but there’s a phone number and email address listed to help.

Greenbush Logistics — A carrier that brokers out some of their loads. Usually about 25-30 flatbed loads posted here. Mostly lumber.

GTO2000 Transportation Logistics — A freight broker that regularly has around 30 loads posted, most of which are for dry van that originate in the South West.

Harte Hanks Logistics — They are a large company that has a freight brokerage division with an online load board. Most appear to be dry van or reefer loads, and some can be hauled with a 48′ trailer.

Hogan Logistics — This 3PL has a section of their website for active loads, though you need to register to gain access. It’s not immediately clear if access is instant, or must be approved after registering.

Interstate 48 Logistics — This freight brokerage has their own board, but there doesn’t appear to be anything available at the time of this posting. We’ll check back.

Jacobson Transportation — A freight broker or 3PL that appears to be an agent of, or otherwise affiliated with XPO Logistics. 4-5 pages of available loads, mostly dry van and reefer.

JB Hunt — The asset-based Fortune 500 carrier that we all know, JB Hunt, has a section on their website with hundreds of available freight loads that are to be brokered out.

Jerue Logistics — Jerue is a very large freight brokerage that has a carrier portal on their website which features an internal load board. You’ll have to register and get approved to view them though.

Jones Motor Group — They are a heavy haul and hot shot carrier that allows you to view their available loads on their website, though none are available at the time of this posting.

Jones Transport  This brokerage has over 500 available loads. Most are lumber, and they pay really well.

Knight Brokerage — The brokerage division of the large asset based carrier, Knight Transportation, has a free load board for truckers on their website that regularly has 400-500 loads posted.

Konecny Sisters Trucking — This is a small 3PL that lists a good deal of freight on their website. They even post rates for all of them.

Landstar — Their free load board is one of the best out there. It features hundreds of available loads, and the advanced search functionality is one of the best.

Loadmatch.com — The best resource on the web for drayage loads, though they do have a section for regular OTR freight. Loadmatch is free, but their website is a but dated and cumbersome to use.

Logistic Dynamics — LDI is a Buffalo, NY-based freight brokerage with a very useful carrier portal on their website. You’ll have to register to gain access, but you’ll have access to over 5,000 weekly loads as well as the ability to post your truck and even receive lane alerts by email.

M. Miller Trucking — Quite possibly the most comprehensive one on this list, M. Miller Trucking’s website lists close to 1,000 available loads. Almost all of these are flatbed or step deck, with only a few dry vans thrown in.

Magic Valley Truck Brokers — This is a small freight brokerage that has a few loads posted on their website. They are not very detailed though, so you’ll have to call or email to get more information.

Mannings Truck Brokerage — A 3PL that has a board on their website with around 100 active loads. They post rates for all of them, which is quite rare. But the best part is that they appear to be some pretty good rates.

Maverick Transportation — Maverick is an asset based trucking company with a brokerage division. They have about a dozen loads posted on their website.

Meadow Lark Agency — A Montana-based freight brokerage that has around 100 loads listed for various types of equipment.

Mercer Brokerage — They allow you to search their website for available freight, and you can even post available equipment.

Millar Western — This is the personal load board of a Canadian lumber distributor that ships from Fox Creek and Whitecourt Alberta. They don’t work with brokers.

Navigator Direct — Small freight brokerage with about a dozen loads posted on their website.

NFI Logistics — NFI is a massive global 3PL that posts their available loads on their website. There isn’t any search functionality though, so it’s tough to search through them all. Use “ctrl + f” to search the list for your zip code.

Northland Express Transport — This is another small freight broker that has their listings on their website. Only a few loads are listed though.

Oldcastle Logistics — The large building material manufacturer’s logistics division has a load board that anyone can view. You’ll have to register to view rates or book a load though.

Omaha Track — This is a supplier of railroad tracks and related materials that posts their freight online. It’s mostly for flatbeds, and they are very detailed in their listings. Rates are listed.

Online Freight Services — An interactive map on their website lets you search for open loads by State. 550+ listings at the time of this post, and many are very detailed.

Packard Logistics — Another interactive map that allows you to search by State. It is updated multiple times per day.

PAM Transport — This asset based carrier has a brokerage division that lists around 50 active loads on their own load board.

Pine Forest Lumber Company — Pine Forest is another lumber distributor that has flatbed and step deck freight available. Rates are listed.

Plants Express LLC — A few reefer loads posted. Their website is updated multiple times daily. May have more when in season.

Preprint Logistics Management — They have three pages of available freight, with many loads coming from Wisconsin and San Bernardino, CA. Be aware that skid counts are high, and many have multiple stops.

Prime Logistics — A division of Prime, Inc. which is a large asset based carrier known for purple trucks. Hundreds of listings, but you can export them all to a .csv file to make it easier to search through them all.

Quality Transportation Inc. — They are a large oilfield hauler that has about 20 posted loads. Most are pipe and other oil related products shipped on flatbeds from areas like Texas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana.

Quad Express — Multi-modal logistics provider that has over 100 active postings in the carrier section of their website.

Quick Transport Solutions — A great free option that is a more traditional load board. Many are repeats from others listed here though, so keep that in mind.

Rainbow Logistics — They have a few loads on their website at any given time, but not much information is available.

Referatruck.com — Another more traditional example of a load board that allows you to sign up for free.

Reliant Transportation — This is one of the few places to find bulk loads listed with close to 100 active at the time of this posting.

RMX Logistics — Third party logistics provider that has all kinds of freight. You’ll have to register to gain access.

Sammons Trucking — They have a few loads available to outside carriers, but note that some are only available to their owner-operators.

Sherwood Lumber  Lumber distributor that posts them all online. Register to gain access. They offer their own quick pay service for a reasonable fee.

Shipping Connections Inc. — A large brokerage based in Arkansas that has hundreds of loads listed on their website.

Shram Brokers — This is a small freight brokerage that has a load board on their website which features an interactive map, but it is not very active.

Somerset Logistics — A small 3PL with a pretty active personal load board that is free for all to view. They usually have about 100 listings.

SPI International Transportation — Great for those looking for some flatbed loads, but there are some others in the mix too.

Stanley Lumber Products — Yet another lumber distributor that lists them online. You’ll have to register an account to see what they’ve got.

StringFellow Lumber Company — A lumber company with a private load board that requires registration to access.

Tennessee Steel Haulers — National flatbed hauler that has over 350 loads posted on their website. Anyone can view their board.

Top Flight Transportation Inc. — A small public load list is posted on their web page. Mostly originating from the West Coast, and some are partial/LTL loads.

Transcorr National Logistics — Another interactive map that lets you filter by State. Click on all of the State that you’d like to view, and hit search.

Transport Investments Inc. — This is a huge board that is free to view, but be careful and pay attention to the dates as some loads appear to stick around a few days after.

Trinity Logistics — A large and notable 3PL that posts thousands of active loads on their website. You need to register as a carrier to view them, but it only takes a few minutes. You’ll have to provide your MC# and other basic information.

Trulos Transportation Load Board — This is a massive free load board that has thousands of loads posted by various direct shippers and freight brokers alike.

US1 Industries — This load board usually has around a dozen active loads, mostly for dry van.

USA Transportation Logistics — This is a North Carolina-based freight brokerage that seems to have a pretty active load board on their website with a diverse mix of freight.

US Logistics — They have their own board on their website with many listings available for dry van and reefer, with a few step deck in there too.

Universal Logistics Holdings — Over 50 pages of available freight, and many are advertised as being recurring or weekly runs. You may be able to line up something nice and steady here.

VHI Transport — This is a small 3PL that has a section on their website to view what they’ve got available to book. There’s no search feature, so you’ll have to use “ctrl + f”.

Viking Forest Products  You will have to get an account to see their loads, but names and email addresses for shipping managers are listed here.

Wastequip Transportation — A few good flatbed and step deck loads posted here each day.

Werner — Another huge asset based carrier that has a brokerage division. More than a dozen pages of active loads are listed here, and access is free.

Whitewood Transport Inc. — A Montana-based freight broker that has around 30 loads posted on their page.

Xpresstrax — This website has hundreds of loads and a nice search feature, but there isn’t much more than that. Has anyone hauled for them?

Yusen Logistics— They are a rapidly growing 3PL that has their own free load board for truckers on their website that features about 100 active loads at a time.

More to Come

We are updating this list as things change and we find new ones, so check back regularly.

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This list of free load boards for truckers is the best one online


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