How to Find High Paying Freight Loads

Finding freight to haul may seem easy. It’s just as simple as signing up for a load board (or even using a free one), calling a broker, and driving to the shipper to get loaded! That may be true, but finding the high paying freight loads is a bit more difficult.

Whether you’re an owner-operator, freight broker, or a dispatcher for a small fleet, the key to your business success is finding that lucrative high paying freight.

The Biggest Mistake You Can Make

… is relying solely on load boards to find freight. While they can help keep the wheels turning when just starting out, or when you can’t find a backhaul anywhere else, the freight posted on load boards is the low paying junk that no one else wants. Hauling this freight exclusively is a quick path to going out of business.


You’re going to want to build relationships with brokers and shippers. This is the key to finding high paying freight loads. It’s very true that the best freight never makes it to the load boards because the carriers that shippers and brokers know well will always get first dibs.

Building a relationship like this isn’t easy and it takes time. You’ll also have to deal with the lesser paying freight at first until you can earn their trust–especially as a new entity.

Simply, find a broker on the load boards, and give them the best service you can provide for a good cost. After you prove yourself, they might start to give you some better loads.

learn how to find the high paying freight loads

The Key to Direct Shippers – Find A Niche

If you really want to make the big bucks, you’ll have to cut the broker out of the equation and find some direct shippers. You can be making as much as 15-20% more by going this route. But it’s harder to find these loads as a trucker, especially if you are just an owner-operator on the road by yourself.

The key to finding these loads is to find a niche and become a go-to guy. For example, maybe you’ve been hauling a lot of heavy machinery loads for equipment manufacturers. You’ve been delivering their freight on time and safe because you’ve built up enough experience to know what needs to be done to get these types of loads over the road.

They will take notice, and you’ll become their go-to guy. They’ll also start referring you to their friends. Whenever someone’s got this type of load, you’ll be who they call. If you do this, you’ll quickly grow your business into something big.

What Now?

Remember these tips, and make a plan of action. When you’ve scaled your business to new heights, there’s always factoring and title loans available, as well as traditional financing to expand your fleet.



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