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We provide free translations in these languages as our way of giving back.Why do we do this?

At, we know the importance of giving back. While monetary donations are always appreciated by non-profits, charities, and educational institutions, we prefer to take a more hands-on approach with our efforts.

The idea came to us while doing a survey this past holiday season to determine which charitable organizations to give to. While the list of causes was incredibly diverse, we really took note of how diverse our employees actually are. Not only do they have different likes and interests, but they all come from such different backgrounds.

Language should never get in the way of someone that is eager to learn or do good. That is why we decided to allot our employees a few hours each month to perform free translations on our dime that will benefit society as a whole.

Who do we perform free translations for?

We carefully select the organizations and resources that we perform translations for. Because our staff performs these translations in their free time at no cost, we are forced to be very selective in the process. We are also limited to the languages that they are actually able to speak and/or write.

All potential submissions must not have any commercial intent and should provide value to our planet and humanity in some notable way. Some examples of translations we’ve performed include scientific resources, history articles, literature, and open source software resources.



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